Pete is an Australian Singer/Songwriter currently based in LA. He has released 4 albums and numerous EP’s in a musical career that has seen him perform all around Australia, Europe, Japan & the states. Not limited to solo performances, he is an accomplished composer having recorded and produced music for TV shows such as “Sesame Street”,and the well known to UK and Australian viewers “Neighbours”, to name a few.

His artistic talents extend to videography where he has been involved in filming and producing video clips for a wide range of artist including himself. Along with that he was he produced videos for the  French “2019 Wake up call” climate change campaign and Love boat 40th anniversary event. 

His talents have seen him come to the US., where he has worked with Producer Mike Viola (Ryan Adams, Mandy Moore, Candy Butchers) to complete his 2018 album “What You Wanted”. 

Since then, LA has been a home away from home for Pete, with 2 more releases and more to come.

Pete carries generations of music in his blood and is a musicians musician.

Well worth a listen

Babe of Babes by Pete Ewing

What do you do...

Available from 12th april

Driver Error

Out Now

I Thought I Saw You At A 711



This is a  collection, which varies in all facets.

Is it my best collection of tunes? Probably not, but thats neither the purpose of this playlist nor its aim. I will give you the track rundown incase youre still reading.

The mixtape at the beginning is a collection of tracks I wrote and produced in 2019.

It's got some killer tunes on it and a couple of tear jerkers, from folk to driving rhythms and earthy vocals all the way to beats and guest hip hop performances,

No, I'm not into hip hop per say, but that statement is redundant as the world of samples crosses all genres and offers a different listening experience and habbit .

Do hip hop heads seem to have a short attention span? Answer.. Yes, but they also seem to make a beat for a rapper, that when missing the vocal , is nothing more than a dulled crock pot and some well timed cutlery.

Ok sounds like I am having a dig. I am and thats ok. 

To rule out hip hop though, would be foolish,  and I must admit live sampling is something I have absolutely loved and can't imagine playing without now,

My opinions on this matter are long and laborious, with no clear answer so I'll leave it be for now.


Track 1. Mixtape

Here you will listen to my next album as a working progress along with some added parts and music created with the help and hindrance of others.